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China Set a Precedence to Combat Pandemic Outbreak

As world has been suffering through deadly corona virus which begin in mid of December 2019, first seen in Wuhan, China. Currently, situation in China is much stable but other countries including US and European countries hit so hard by the virus. Till now US death toll Corona virus reached 41,344 deaths and in Italy its 24,114 death counts. In Pakistan situation is not bad as in US and Europe but non serious behavior of Pakistani people is matter of concern. Now the question is how China fought against corona virus and controlled its spread all over the country? A Pakistani student stuck in Wuhan during lock down gives advice on how Pakistan can win the battle against corona virus. When China became hub of deadly virus, Shaheer Alia Abro a Pakistani national experienced lock down situation in Wuhan and insight all China’s effort in stabilizing the panic situation.

Shaheer Ali Abro, a resident from Hyderabad, Sindh is a final year medical student at Yangtze University in Jinzhou and Wuhan in Hubei province. He has been in China for the past four years. He told that China’s lunar year holidays were about to begin and everyone was planning holiday traveling. People had no idea what would happen in their life. Initially there were only a few cases reported and death rate goes to around 13. People there didn’t take it seriously and continued their life without any precautions, but when the things got worst Chinese government ordered close down of schools, colleges and universities, but when the situation got out of control the Chinese government called for complete lock down in Wuhan. During lock down we all were restricted to our hostel and were not allowed to go out. But now, the situation in Wuhan is much stable and under control, though virus is not fully eliminated yet, but life is getting normal in Wuhan. He told that situation in Wuhan is better and under control but, people are still following precautionary measures and taking care of themselves. Shaheer shared his experience in combating corona virus and China’s effort in kicking out this virus from Wuhan because he is concerned about Pakistan’s current situation regarding corona virus. He told that when this virus got viral in Wuhan people didn’t take it serious and what happened everyone knows very well, even still the world is going through it’s darkest time.  He said that when virus started spreading rapidly in Wuhan Chinese government developed quarantine, but in Pakistan, many people are hardly aware of quarantine strategy and why it is important.

What does lock down or isolation mean?

In case Pakistan has to be locked down. Shaheer said the best advice to everyone there is to follow government’s instructions to stay home and get checked if they feel any symptoms. Staying home is not about to save your own life, it’s about to protect others as well. In Wuhan we were strictly ordered to stay at hostels and maintain social distance. For us the situation was very awkward because we haven’t experienced this before. In China no one drinks tap water but during lock down we had to use that for weeks, many of us faced food shortage. This wasn’t only our situation there, everyone was going through same situation but strictly followed government orders, and that’s the reason Wuhan controlled virus spread.

What Pakistan needs to do?

To get rid of this deadly pandemic, he said Pakistan should follow China’s footsteps. China’s population is much more than Pakistan but they tackled the situation effectively, because they followed what their government ordered, their management was remarkable. Ambulance and doctor staff reached immediately to those who complained corona symptoms.

He said I would like to advice my Pakistani people to take this issue seriously, follow government measures and precautions, keep social distance, if anyone feels fever, flu or any other corona symptom he should get checked. He appealed to government to keep check on rates of food items and other basics, because unfortunately there are some people who take advantage of this of this situation and sell those basics in extreme high rates.   


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