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Chinese government and people stand firmly with the Pakistani brothers: MOFA

The Foreign Office has said that Pakistan and China are all-weather strategic partners, standing side by side in all situations. According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, the Chinese government and people stand firmly with their Pakistani brethren in the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Foreign Office has said Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, corona virus in Pakistan, China has provided large-scale aid to Pakistan. The Chinese government has so far provided the US $0.4 million in cash to Pakistan in addition to 390 ventilators, 330,000 diagnostic kits, 830,000 N-95 masks, 5.8 million surgical masks, 42,000 protective suits and millions of other devices. Donations are also provided.

China has also provided sensitive medical equipment to Pakistan, including disposable surgical masks, N-95 masks, diagnostic kits, protective clothing, as well as medical portables devices provided by the People’s Liberation Army and the Three Gorges Corporation. Ventilators are also included in medical aid provided by Chinese firms.

A team of medical experts has also been sent to Pakistan by the Chinese military to control the recent outbreak of Covid-19, Corona virus. The statement added that a team of Chinese medical experts has also arrived in Pakistan at the behest of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who visited different parts of Pakistan from March 28 to April 17 and briefed local medical experts on the Novel Corona virus pandemic and shared their experiences with us.”

According to the Foreign Office, the Jack Ma Foundation, a Chinese company, has twice provided medical supplies to Pakistan, including more than five million surgical masks, N-95 masks, and several ventilators.

In addition, a large quantity of medical equipment has been provided to Pakistan by various Chinese provincial governments, chambers of commerce and private corporations. In addition, China has also provided commercial assistance to Pakistan in the commercial procurement of medical equipment from various Chinese industries.

The Foreign Office thanked the Chinese government and people and said that China’s sympathy, generosity and concern for Pakistan would be remembered for a long time.

Due to medical aid by Chinese government and the Chinese people, it has made easy for Pakistan to fight against Covid-19 Pandemic.


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