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Fifteen units of 3D printed isola­tion wards set off from Shanghai and Suzhou for Pakistan.

After one month’s sea transpor­tation, these printed wards will arrive in Islamabad for local COV­ID-19 prevention and cure.

This batch of 3D printed wards valued about $123,300 is volun­tarily donated from Ying Chuang Building Tech (Winsun) after co­ordination with Consulate Gen­eral of Pakistan in Shanghai and National Disaster Management Association (NDMA).
The ward’s design is specifical­ly for Pakistan, which shows ex­cellent heat-proof quality. These wards have already been in­stalled with water and electricity utilities, doors, windows and in­ner decoration.

After assembling and connect­ing with water and electricity supply, they can be put into use promptly.

It is to be mentioned here that 3D printed isolation wards had been used in Hubei and Shandong, China, during the most difficult times and achieved satisfactory feedback.

The isolation ward, printed from recycled materials, can be trans­formed into hotel, park lounge, cafe, guardroom, toilet, emergen­cy room for disaster relief.

After crushing, sorting, grinding and high-temperature treatment, these wards can be turned into materials again for printing other new buildings, the report added.


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