Home Business Pakistan Customs launches AEO authorisation programme to certify credible businesses

Pakistan Customs launches AEO authorisation programme to certify credible businesses

Government to certify trustworthy business in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: To distinguish and certify credible businesses, Pakistan Customs has launched Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) programme through operationalisation of AEO pilot project in Karachi. 

The program has been chalked out in line with best international practices and in accordance with the World Customs Organisation (WCO) security standards. 

Under the said programme, the government will have the ability to certify trustworthy business entities which could demonstrate that they are credible, secure and have a clean history of compliance with national laws. In return, a policy of non-interference will be adopted by all government departments toward such trusted entities so that they could concentrate on the growth of their businesses. 

The AEO programme is a step towards traders’ facilitation and ease of doing business as “red tapism” of government departments will be replaced with “red carpet” for the trustworthy business entities, and will provide an enabling environment for the business community to achieve their maximum potential. 

The AEO pilot project is the first step that has been launched at Model Customs Collectorate of Port Mohammad Bin Qasim Karachi through inclusion of M/s Artistic Denim Mills Karachi that is a renowned manufacturer-cum-exporter of the textile sector. 

Initially, the pilot has been launched at the export stage and gradually other areas of the supply chain will be brought under the pilot and eventually, AEO authorisation will be rolled out for the facilitation of the business community. 

The traders and various chamber associations appreciated the AEO initiative of the government and expressed that it was the first initiative of its kind which aims at recognition of trusted business partners at the federal level and entails benefits from all government departments. Such a unique initiative, the business community hoped, has great potential to boost export-oriented businesses which are the backbone of the national economy.


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