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Pak-China Relations and Opposition of China’s Rivalry State

Good relations between Pakistan and china is not an outcome of CPEC initiative. However, both countries have been enjoying strong bond of friendship since cold war era. Though, relations are getting more strong after CPEC because this project is expected to put both countries on the bridge of economic and strategic progress. However, China and Pakistan’s lead to cooperation is creating disturbance for United states. As ALICE Wells, the US Acting Secretary for the Bureau of South and Central Asia Affairs, recently completed her visit to Islamabad. During her visit, she criticized over $60 billion Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC). Several firms blacklisted by the World Bank have received contracts in CPEC, Alice Wells claimed. She further criticized that “the lack of transparency in the CPEC deal and the conditions imposed by China are increasing Pakistan’s debt”. This criticism is not new on CPEC. Last year Wells said, “The Chinese loans are going to hand over Pakistan’s economic development potential, hamstringing Imran Khan’s reform agenda”. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, also warned Pakistan that IMF’s money for Pakistan should not be used to return CPEC debt”.

US is the solely superpower of the world, and it is obvious that dominant state never wants any state to become more economical and strategical powerful, which influences it’s impact on world politics. It has been predicted that once this project gets completed it will definitely lift both countries economic condition. For instance, if this project achieves it’s objective it will attract more and more states for investment purpose, and this could irritate US a lot, secondly CPEC is a part of BRI which china initiated back in 2013 having member states more than 152 which could further boost economy of all BRI member states. That’s a reason why US is opposing CPEC’s development, because china is rapidly achieving it’s goals which it has planned. China has responded promptly on Wells’s statement. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Geng Shaung, categorically said that “the American diplomats’ remarks were nothing new and were a mere repetition of old slanders against China, CPEC and the BRI.” The spokesperson rejected the US allegations and aptly said, “In advancing CPEC development, Beijing is committed to consulting and cooperating for shared benefits and China has put the interest of Pakistani people first. Washington was in ‘total disregard of facts, the US had been talking about fabricated ‘debt issue’ with the true aim to disrupt CPEC’s development and sow discord in China-Pakistan. It is neither healthy nor honorable to prevent others from delivering what one fails too.” Pakistan’s Foreign Office also commented on the Wells’s statement that “CPEC is a transformation project for Pakistan, and completing it is the government’s highest priority”.

Economic well being and its growing influence over the world is a matter of concern for US that’s the reason why US is against CPEC. However, UN declared all member states sovereign in its charter article and declared breaching of this article as a major crime. Although, US accepts Pakistan as a sovereign state but even then it tries to interfere in Pakistan’s country affairs and policies which is very much against the charter. However, Pakistan and US established their bilateral ties in 1950’s when Pakistan signed security alliances with the US, consequently, Pakistan would not establish tie with the Soviet Union the US rival. Pakistan depended heavily on the US economic and military assistance for its security and survival. But US used to cheat Pakistan many times, it left Pakistan in times of crises but china never left Pakistan in it’s hard time. Right now, after PM Imran khan’s visit in US bilateral relation between US and Pakistan is going good but, for Pakistan the main issue is US-China rivalry. Which is actually a major challenge in development of CPEC because somehow, Pakistan is dependent on US assistance in several issues.


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