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Pakistan Achieves Domestic Consensus, Ensure Security of CPEC

A book titled “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor of the Belt and Road initiative: concept, context and assessment” written by Siegfried O. Wolf has deeply analyzed the underlying objectives of China’s huge investment in Pakistan named CPEC. According to his research CPEC is the connector to China with its neighboring states and those states which are rich in natural resources and raw material. China needs cooperation of all these states for its own economic development, although China itself is a great industrial country but it lacks basic raw material and resources which could help it in production of goods from those industries. Almost 80% of China’s import is dependent on middle east, central Asia and African continent. China imports for it’s natural resources from middle east, central Asia and Africa passes through Indian ocean before it enters into south China sea, so the strait of Malacca is the point in Indian ocean which would create problems for China’s import in regional and global security scenario and Indian ocean region is guarded by Indian and other states which are friendly to the united states. The former Chinese president Mr. Hu Jintu identified the threat of china as “Chinese Malacca dilemma in 2003”. Since then Chinese leaders and think tanks have been working on other alternatives for China’s import which could help China in it’s importing routes, but due to blockage of strait of Malacca there are less routes available for China trade. The sundra trait is the nearest one but it is not able to tackle the heavy weight of its ships and heavy traffic. Lombok and Makassar straits are another alternative but it is causing heavy expenditure to China because of long route ranging from $84 to $220 billion per year. Under the changing regional and global security scenario, CPEC is the only secure and low cost alternative for China’s trade expansion. China initiated this project after many years of deliberation. Xi jingping China’s president is the one who initiated this project in collaboration with Pakistan

According to Chinese perspective CPEC is the most significant part of BRI. With the passage of time CPEC would generate more projects and connect others states of the world for economic interdependence and trade expansion. Till 18th century China was the most prominent actor of the world in economic development and had great economic relations with neighboring states through its silk road. President XI Jinping`s main vision behind this project is to revive its economic relations and again become world`s dominant country. China’s primary goal behind the CPEC is only trade expansion and connecting routes to middle east, central Asia and African continent which could be done through the development of CPEC.

On the completion of this project there would be guaranteed energy security for China`s import and it’s industrial and economic development. In such situation Pakistan plays an important role because CPEC is dependent on its geopolitical factors. CPEC would not only provide benefits to China but all other countries which join CPEC in coming days. CPEC has opened numerous job opportunities for many people in Pakistan but there are also some issues of concern which could create serious issues in the development of this project e.g. Pakistan and India’s hostile relations in region, terrorism, disunity among political parties. If these issues get settled down in Pakistan, then there would be no issue regarding CPEC and it will defiantly result in great future of China and Pakistan`s economic development.


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