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Pakistani Student Living in China determined to encourage cooperation in terms of Technology and Agriculture under BRI

Abdul Ghaffar Shar who is a Pakistani Doctoral Student currently in China’s Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU) is helping his professors in harvesting wheat in the fields of University for some days.

29 years old Shar has been wearing a straw hat and gloves and under the hot sun he did all the farm work like any professional local farmer in Yangling, northwest China’s Shaanxi province. Yangling is China’s hi-tech industrial demonstration zone of agriculture. Yangling is situated at 80km from the beginning of ancient Silk Road in the provincial capital Xi’an.

In history almost 2000 years ago an imperial ambassador left Xi’an and moved towards the westward to promote peace which opened Silk route which links the east and west.

Although Shar didn’t know much about Zhang but he also said that he wants to be an ambassador of

 Peace between Pakistan and China as both of them have collaborated in the Belt Road Initiative, Shar added saying that “I am learning the science of Pant nutrition in China, I hope to play a vital role in to further make the bond strong through agricultural technology exchange between the two countries”


Shar got his Bachelor’s in Agriculture degree from the Agriculture University Sindh, Pakistan in year 2014. After this Shar decided to continue in this field at NWFU China, Shar learned a lot of things including learning the mandarin and using chopsticks to eat. He got use to of the Chinese food and on top of all as a gesture of friendship, Shar’s teacher gave him a Chainese name “Jin Letian” meaning “Golden, Happiness and sky”. Shar spent most of his time on his research even in the winter vocations.

The novel pandemic of COvid-19 out-broke and his places were disturbed and he was asked to stay in his residence as prevention to Covid-19. During this time period his teachers provided him with the essentials. He said that I cherished the time I stayed inside, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and no social meet-ups. Shar said that I have shared all my experience with my friends and family and guided them as Chinese people showed solidarity during the pandemic made quite an impression.


Shar is doing his research on plant nutrition for his degree. Shar has mentioned that in Pakistan we use many chemicals, and fertilizers traditionally which has negatively affected the fertility of the land.  “I study to improve soil fertility by adjusting trace elements of farmlands, which will help increase grain yields in my hometown,”

For the last six years Shas has collected samples for his research from everywhere in the experiment places in Shaanxi. This sample collection gave him the experience to see the progress in China’s rural areas. Shar also took part in the local poverty fighting programs. Out of 253 overseas students 79 were from Pakistan. Shar along with many other students volunteered to teach in the primary school of Fang a town. During the pandemic he took online classes of his students.

Shar has shown his gratitude towards the belt road initiative as it got the people of China and Pakistan close to each other, the positive sentiments of friendship have made him think of being involved in trade in agricultural products between China and Pakistan after he completes his studies.


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