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Regional Trade Connectivity under CPEC

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the center of regions attention. It is a symbol of regional trade connectivity. In British India was never interested in promoting trade between China and Indian Subcontinent. The British destroyed trade between India and China then they exported opium from India into China.

The Japanese and the British in India signed an agreement not to interfere in the exploitive spheres of influence in South and East Asia till early 1920s. Trade was also discouraged between Japan and British India during the settlement. 

The settlement ended by 1940s, very little efforts were made on regional trade. The Association of South East Asia (ASEAN) became major trade integration by 1960s. When China came to ASEAN countries in 1995, it had a very positive impact over promoting regional trade connectivity. China became a major trading partner in many ASEAN agreements. ASEAN resulted into China’s One Belt and One Road by President Xi Jinping during his visit to Kazakhstan and Jakarta in 2013. The trip was purely based on enhancing the trade relations as made by ASEAN and even added more countries in the trade agreement.

China promoted trade unlike imperialist and colonial mindset. China promotes a cooperative relationship with all the nations it is doing trade with. China would share the development experiences with the world. China is offering to start trade integration by integrating the Asian continent and nearby Africa and Europe as well.

Luckily due to the geographical location and its connectivity Pakistan has become very vital role for the One Belt Road Project. CPEC encourages trade of Pakistan by introducing new projects which will make the routes of Pakistan develop according to the latest technology with new infrastructures of carriages and highways throughout the provinces of Pakistan. Which will make Pakistan the most developed country in terms of infrastructure.  

These highways will connect the provinces with these high speed roads, tunnels and railway tracks. China has a plan to develop high speed railway infrastructure in Pakistan which will run from 200-350 km/hour as China is leading across the world with its high speed Railway leaving Japan, United States and Germany behind.

China has constructed 16,000 km high speed railway track during the past 12 years in its territory. China is also making high speed railway tracks in Russia, Indonesia and California. China won the bid again Japan for the Indonesian Rail track development.

If China has completely developed the Railway Structure, the distances covered will be very short in time. For instance, if you want to travel between Karachi and Peshawar it will take nine hours. Whereas traveling between Islamabad to Lahore, it will take one hour and 15 minutes. The distances which were covered in days would be covered in. This will give Pakistan a complete makeover in Infrastructure.

CPEC will turn the region and especially Pakistan into a knowledge-based corridor and in fact make it an Asian tiger. China will turn Pakistan into an economy hub. Besides transport, CPEC will reform the regional trade of Pakistan. Pakistan’s trade terms with its neighboring countries will have a very prominent growth.


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