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The CPEC cannot fail, politically and diplomatically it is impossible, US report

The new US report says that while preparing its response to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the US needs to focus on regional stability, especially in the context of deep animosity between India and Pakistan.

The CPEC cannot fail, it is politically and diplomatically impossible, US report

The report, entitled “How the United States Should Deal with China in Pakistan,” also asked Washington to respond to CPEC by addressing the long-term geopolitical challenges posed by China’s growing interference in the region and also to keep an eye on it.

“The CPEC cannot fail, it is politically and diplomatically impossible,” said Daniel Markey, who is co-authored of the report.

He said that China is an important partner and lifeline of Pakistan while CPEC is a test case for China to export both China’s development model and an important project. Reviewing China’s influence in Pakistan, Daniel Markey, a Chinese expert at the Carnegie Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Washington, highlighted the need to address growing tensions between India and Pakistan.

“Over the past year, India and Pakistan have once again reached the brink of war”. This winter, another military crisis may erupt between India and Pakistan,” he warned. He urged the Trump administration to appreciate Beijing’s role as a potential diplomatic partner in preventing India and Pakistan from going to war.

He added that “if tensions in Sino-US relations prevent cooperation in the South Asian crisis, all parties will be defeated.”

The United States and India have been lagging behind CPEC since day one and on the other hand, India is also crying over CPEC. His cry is that CPEC is against Indian interests. That is why he has brought agents of his secret agency Research and Analysis Wing, commonly known as RAW, into Pakistan to sabotage the project.

The arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav and his confessional statement is living proof that India RAW aims to create instability in Balochistan and Karachi to sabotage CPEC. This is none other than President Trump himself saying against CPEC, “One Belt and One Road” is not acceptable to the United States.

So far, China has invested $19 billion, $6 billion in soft loans from the Chinese government and about $13 billion in investment from Chinese companies. The Chinese government’s interest-free loan for CPEC is only 6.3% of Pakistan’s total foreign debt, which is about billion.


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